Lycanthropy Leather is an accessory business, specializing in wearable art. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, hand-designed to enhance & obscure.

My designs are carefully hand-cut with fine quality leather that is gently dipped into purified spring water at boiling temperatures. After this, they are personally hand molded into artistic expressions that embody the wearer’s altered self. In the final stage, I airbrush a non-toxic water-based textile paint that, after drying, becomes water resistant.

The entire process is meditative, enchanting, and transformative. Wearable art is a medium that I take seriously, as I also crave the doorway into the limitless.

My customers include: role-players, performers, costume groups and enthusiasts. I take great pride in satisfying your appetites and indulging every fantasy. Whether your desires are to feel powerful, scary, mysterious, or seductive, let Lycanthropy Leather help you with all your transformations.

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